Welcome Back!

We are so glad to see you return. We have really missed you. We warned you that life has a way of overtaking us and holding us hostage. Anytime you begin to walk on a new path in a new direction leading to something spectacular, some part of our lives seems to demand our immediate attention. We believe it is often a test to see how badly we want it. We can either fight through it or we take a break and return to the lessons later.

Unfortunately, the disruption of our schedules makes things so much tougher for class instruction too. Once we get off track it causes everyone else to get off track. If you were scheduled to complete lessons at a certain time and now suddenly it's two weeks, three weeks or even more later, our calendar is adjusted accordingly and now we either have to accelerate the classes to get you caught up OR you continue your pace and you now fall behind and you finish between two other classes that are finishing up that month. Other students that started with you are affected also. Your valued input is not longer there and they may have to complete the classes without you. I know you understand. It's okay, but the sessions have to be reloaded again and the scheduling of when you start and finish is different than it was originally planed. 

It takes up to 24 hours to upload classes (not including the weekends).

depending on when you left off and what the plan is for your end time we may have to wait a day or two to start your next lesson.

Please be sure to schedule your needed classes ahead of time.


If you are a Current Student but you just missed a class or two:

$6 per missed lesson

Please make sure that you have included all the missed lessons in your payment, otherwise they will not be uploaded.



if you have been gone for awhile and you are now a Returning Student:

$50 per student ($100 for partnerships and $150 for groups)  plus $6 ($12 or partnerships) per missed lesson.

The $6 fee is required if we are accelerating your classes to get you caught up.

We have to reinstate your access and upload classes.

Please call 708-769-0927 for billing.

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