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Essence Education is extending it's online campus programs to include:

  • Change The Way You Think! - FREE!
  • Real Estate Investor Training Program
  • Homebuyers Program
  • Event Planners Workshop (New addition)
  • DIY Wedding Planning
  • Sales & Marketing (New addition)
  • Empowerment Workshops For Self Improvement  (New Addition)

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Let's first take a look at R.E. 

Real Estate Investor Training

At Essence Properties, our mission is to transform communities. As part of that mission, one of our major goals is to share the real estate knowledge, education and experience we've obtained along our journey. 

We created Essence Education, a one-of-a-kind Real Estate Investors Training program, to teach all the ins-and-outs of investing in real estate. We offer various affordable online courses that provide a wealth of knowledge and information and prepare you to  successfully invest in real estate to build wealth and transform your financial future.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

When you wake up every morning you are either in a house, a condo or an apartment. When you go to work or to church you head to some sort of dwelling. When you go grocery shopping or to any kind of store for that matter you go to a building...and the examples are endless. Just stop for a minute and look around you. Real estate is everywhere and people are building wealth by investing in it. Shouldn't it be you? In fact, 85% of the wealth in this country comes from real estate, and we think its about time for you to get a piece of it...



We designed our program to easily fit into your life. Courses are a combination of Online (1-hour video lesson per day) Interactive Video Training, Reading Material, Links to Other Websites and Resources, Q&A Video Conferencing Sessions and 1/2-hour Video Conference Weekly. Our goal with this program is to provide flexibility, complement busy schedules and allow students the ability to learn at their own pace. The Q&A Video Conferencing Sessions are held weekly to check-in, review material, and make sure you have a great understanding of all the information.


Our courses are priced extremely affordably. A similar real estate investment education would run you at least $40-50K with most other companies. However, we are offering this program to you at an extremely lower cost because our goal is to share a wealth of information that many people wouldn't otherwise have access to. We are on a mission to make an impact and transform as many lives as we can. And to ensure that our courses are accessible to everyone, we offer payment plans to fit your budget. 

Work from home

Take Courses & Work From Home

  • Single-parent and need to be home
  • Have elderly parents and need to be home
  • Prefer not to rely on daycare providers
  • Can't find a job that will pay you enough to cover daycare and pay bills
  • Have medical challenges that limit your ability to leave the house
  • Have a spouse in the military which makes it difficult finding work

Your circumstances don't matter. Not only can you learn to invest in real estate and work from home, but you may also learn from our online program. This program is designed for people with busy schedules or no schedule at all. We have a course timeline that is perfect for you. Call us at 708-794-6362.

The Program

Real Estate Investors Training Program

If you are ready to change your financial future and become a successful and profitable real estate investor, this program is for you. This Real Estate Investors Program provides you with the complete 60 one-hour comprehensive lessons, 12 Q&A's, 12 Conference Calls, an in-depth education on the real industry landscape and all the ins-and-outs of real estate investing. The course includes training on the following key investing strategies/streams of income: Fixing & Flipping, Buy & Hold (Rentals), Wholesaling, Tax Liens & Deeds Investing and much more. We take you through each of these strategies step by step, providing you with all the knowledge you need to get started. By the end of this course, you will have the tools you need to become a successful real estate investor, have longevity in this industry and ultimately obtain financial independence.

4-Options available

  • 2-WEEK BOOTCAMP (6 lessons/Day, five days/week)

  • 12-Week Training Program (1 lesson/day, five days/week)

  • 6-month Training Program (3 lessons/week, including a Q&A every other week)

  • 12-Month Training Program (5 LESSONs/month, 1 Q&A/month)

Take it slow or fast! It is your choice.

  • Cover the same material in each option above
  • Classes are scheduled based on demand
  • Contact us for additional details
  • Membership program is available to every student that has completed the full program training.

À La Carte

If you are not ready for the complete 60 one-hour comprehensive program as of yet and you would rather choose from the menu items that interest you the most, take the courses one at a time, and/or make them more affordable, then here's an opportunity for you to order your own steps. There are five (5) options available for you to choose from. Each of them are ordered and priced separately. Keep in mind, that over time this will be more costly, but you do have the option of setting your own pace. You may come back and take another course in the near future. Select from the following options where available to get more details. Just click the title of the workshop. (If you do not see an item highlighted below, then please click the contact us button above fore more details.)

  • Tax Liens/Deeds & Redemption Deeds

This course is an essential component to mastering a one of few guaranteed sources of income. This real estate strategy is used by investors to limit the risk and create a source of income that they can count on. Not only do we teach the basics of tax liens/deeds and redemption deeds, but we also teach the foundation to real estate. When you invest in one of these three (3) sources of income you will either get the stated interest rate or the property if the homeowner fails to redeem in time. 95% of the time, you'll get the interest and you may go on to your next investment, but in the rare instance that you get the property, you will need to know what to do with it. In fact, you never want to buy the tax lien/deed or redemption deed without doing your due diligence. You will want to be sure it is a property that can bring in additional income rather stick you with something you cannot sell or rent out.  In essence, you receive either the promised interest rate or the property free and clear. If you do it right, then it becomes a win-win situation.

Our 4-Week Tax Liens/Deeds & Redemption Deeds Workshop is an online program that teaches you all the information you need to master the steps and begin investing. 

This course is the essential component to wholesaling effectively, which is a key real estate strategy used by investors primarily to build capital. There are many wholesalers out there that do not make much money because they lack the skills, the detail and the tools to execute often and with consistently. As a wholesaler, your job is to secure contracts on properties (after learning the right formula) and sell those contracts to other investors. In essence, you will receive a finders fee for connecting other real estate investors with great properties in one to two weeks. You can expect to make between $5,000-$7,500 per wholesale deal. Just do this twice a month and you can consistently make a six-figure (plus) income. The wholesaling workshop is an excellent way to make a full-time income with little or no risk on a part-time basis.

Our 4-Week Wholesalers Workshop is an online program that teaches you all the information you need to master the steps and start wholesaling. 

  • Fixing & Flipping

This course is the essential component to Finding, Funding, Fixing & Flipping real estate, which is a key real estate strategy for becoming rich (not wealth). There are many investors that have flipped properties in the past and now they are back to their old jobs again. They may have had some of the key components, but this workshop is design to take the guesswork out of the strategy and shorten the learning curve. There is a specific strategy, a science if you will, to Finding, Funding, Fixing & Flipping properties.  Why learn the hard way? Why loose money and extend your learning curve longer than necessary? As a flipper, your job is to be in and out of a property in 30 to 90 days max, not six months to a year. Every moment you sit on a property you are giving away money. Once you master flipping one property in under 90 days you can literally set out to flip and bring yourself an access of $1M in one year. No, $1M/year is not something everyone can do, but it is something that a trained and organized investor can do. 

Our 4-Week Fixing & Flipping Workshop is an online program that teaches you all the information you need to master the steps and start flipping. 

  • Buy & Holds (Rentals)

This course is the essential component to Buy & Hold real estate, which others call rentals. This is a key real estate strategy for becoming wealthy. Most investors know that to become financially independent means that you will no longer have to work for money. The key components are essential to master, and this workshop is designed to fill in all of the details to get you started. If you already have rentals, then how much of the upkeep is dependent on your efforts? How many doors do you own? If you are not able to do what you want when you want and you feel tied to the maintenance work of your properties, then there is certainly something here to free you up and secure your financial independence. Again, don't work for money. Allow your money to work for you! The income opportunities are substantial and when do it right you will be amongst the elite investors and your income will be in millions without you having to do the work.

Our 4-Week Buy & Hold Workshop is an online program that teaches you all the information you need to master the techniques and give you a head start in securing your financial future. 

  • Commercial 

This course is the essential component to Commercial real estate. Now whatever you were making Flipping and Buy & Holds you can add an extra zero or two to commercial. This is another key real estate strategy for becoming wealthy. Think of Warren when you think of commercial real estate. He is one of the masters of this strategy. We will open your eyes to so many ways that you can invest in commercial real estate and run with it. There are no limits to the ways in which you can earn commercial real estate income and certainly no limits to the income. Put the right moves in place and write your own check!

Our 4-Commercial Real Estate Workshop is an online program that teaches you all the information you need to master and get ready to leave a legacy of real estate and income behind for your family. 

Personal Investor Training 

  • One-on-one training centered around you 
  • We work with you to personalize the course content to fit your real estate goals
  • Sessions are scheduled to easily fit into your life
  • Time is spent where its needed the most
  • Contact us for additional details

If you want details about any of the following courses, please contact us below and we will email you the information.

  • Event Planners Workshop (New addition)
  • DIY Wedding Planning
  • Sales & Marketing (New addition)
  • Empowerment Workshops For Self Improvement  (New Addition)


A word from our students...


"The reason why I decided to take this 12-Week Investor's program was because I have always wanted to get into real estate, this was one of my passions. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and said that we should inherit the land and everything in it. I understood that meant that we should own the land, at least part of it.

Once my husband and I purchased our first home, I felt this meant that it was possible to own other pieces of properties, after all he made the world big enough for everyone to get a piece. I was also intrigued by how to flip properties, buy and sell and eventually buy a rental unit and become landlords.  I felt that through this program, it would help me to learn the basic steps on how to make my dreams come true.

I have learned a lot working with Essence Properties, Felisha is a very generous, honest and spirit lead person to work with. She has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and try something different, however, it was not easy at first.  I have enjoyed this 12-Week program and I recommend this to anyone who want to change their lives financially and spiritually. Thank you Essence Properties, LLC." -JoAnne J.


Have questions?

For more information on any of our courses, call (708) 794-6362 to speak with an Essence Education representative. We are ready to help. We cannot wait to hear from you!