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What/Who Are You Waiting For?

I believe the church is responsible for how we understand and live out the concept of waiting on God. Truth be told we have no choice. Whatever we are hoping for, despite what we do, will involve some wait time.

I have a concern. Waiting on God for most means doing absolutely nothing at all. You need a job, well just wait. You need some income, well just wait. You need your house cleaned, well just wait. You need a house to live in, well just wait.

Um...contrary to what most will tell you, if you keep waiting like that you will be sadly disappointed. Let me get this right. We believe that God resides in us but mysteriously we think that the work will come from something outside of us. Huh? 

Waiting isn't a laziness or inactivity. If I need to catch a bus, I still have to walk to the bus stop. I still have to prepare the fare that I need to have once I get on it. If I need a job, then I have to prepare a resume, look for a job, make myself presentable and go on interviews. If I want a husband then I have to prepare my mindset, make myself presentable, get out of the house and actually be nice or play nice with men. 

Waiting on God requires something of us. It's not a passiveness or a non-responsible thing. We have proactive work to do. Faith without works is dead and so is your request. Act like you want it. Do something. This is not to mean you go out ahead of God. It doesn't mean you stop discerning and make bad decisions. It doesn't mean to take something or someone in desperation. It means to prepare for it. You'll know it's yours when you see it. Do your part.

You may be waiting on God, but I have a feeling that God is also waiting on you...