Dream Big!

As a single-divorced mother raising two daughters, all of my time and resources went to my girls. Even when I went back to school, first I wanted to answer God's call and then I wanted to make sure that my girls would benefit. After all, I had a huge responsibility.

I remember feeling like I needed permission to buy myself necessities. I even felt more guilty if I bought myself a dress or a pair of shoes. My children were always growing out of something. Unfortunately, I got into the habit of putting myself last. As time went on, that habit was difficult to quit. Even to this day, my daughters are 27 and 30 years of age, I'd rather buy something for them rather than for me. They are fully grown functioning and independent young women, but I'm still their mom.

Candace & Janelle

Candace & Janelle

Felisha Orchid

Felisha Orchid

So the question is, "Who's supposed to take care of me?" I've heard through the grapevine that God loves me too! Though I still sometimes struggle with doing things for myself, I've learned that I'm important also. Taking care of the temple where God resides is maintenance, self-love and an act of gratitude to God? Although my role as "mom" will always be highly important to me, there's so much more to me than just that. God's doing a lot with me! I'm an author, motivational speaker, preacher, educator, real estate investor, event planner and a woman having fun with chapter 50. Life is so precious. It's a gift from God. The only "Being" that I need permission from is God. Self-care and self-love is mandatory! It's how I show God my appreciation for life.

The biggest difference between healthy, successful people and the rest of the world is the way that we think. It's a mindset. It's time that we all begin to take care of self, our needs, our desires, the vision God gave us as well as our hopes and my dreams? If we don't take the time, then who will?

Now I ask you these questions:

  • Who's supposed to take care of you?
  • What about the vision God gave you?
  • Isn't it time that you begin to take care of you, your needs, your desires, your vision, your hopes and your dreams?

It's okay to love yourself. It's okay to go after your dreams. If you don't love you, then why would anyone else? It's okay to dream. In fact, Dream big! Don't you think you're worth it?

Dream Big!
Don’t you think you’re worth it?
— Felisha Orchid

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