My Life Has Changed!

There were days that I woke up wondering "Why am I here?" There was one challenge after another. There was one disappointment after another. It "felt like" God was hiding from me. Stress was at an all time high. It felt like all I did was work and pay bills. It felt like I owed everyone. It also felt like the older I got the less needed I became. I use to be able to get any job I wanted.

My dad has been a contractor and has been instrumental in helping people rehab homes for as long as I can remember. My daughter and I became fascinated with watching and often helping him do what he does so well. We had an opportunity to go through a program that taught us everything. The catch was that a 2-hour class lead us to a 3-day class which lead us to a nearly $50,000 investment in our education. Though it was worth every nickel, we had no idea because they never told us you up front.

Well, we did it. We took the class and rehabbed homes and it changed our lives. Yes, it was a struggle at first, but I have to say that it was worth it! We decided to use our own gifts and develop a program that tells you up front what you are getting into. We wanted to do something that people could afford. We were determined to create a program to fit everyone's schedule. We wanted to transform communities and the lives of the people in them. 

We realize that if people only knew what investors knew that they would never make another real estate purchase the same way again. We knew that folks would stop renting and start owning. Our first purchase gave us $60,000 in equity. It took us a few months to complete everything and our net worth increased by $60,000. My life has changed, drastically! God has been there all the time. If we can do it, then so can you!