I hope you remember this message:

December 30, 2015

  1. If you missed the broadcast you can listen in below. There's a special for classes waiting for anyone you know.
  2. Listen to the recording of the conference call if you missed it.
  3. Let's get caught up asap. I'm only putting up two lessons at a time. If you are behind the lesson is in your mailbox. Please complete your assignments on time.
  4. After this week, we are charging $5 per lesson to hold them over another day or to put them back up. Don't allow the other "stuff" in life to keep you from your assignments. If you were in a university you wouldn't even get the chance to do this at all.
  5. Happy New Year! Let's enter 2016 with a bang!



Well unfortunately it's that time. Our apologies! It is important that we implement the $5 charge that we have discussed numerous times. We let it slide many, many times. We understand that life can be challenging and things get in the way. However, we are unable to carry that for you. 

You have 2 options:

  1. Pay for individual lessons
  2. Pay for the entire week (saves a few dollars)

Individual Lessons

There is a $1 convenience fee added that pays for the bank charges for each transaction. Please don't allow your lessons to add up before you complete them. It will create several fees.

Please click on the lesson that you are missing below. If we see that a lesson has not been completed we will automatically add it to the list. If you don't see your lesson, please give us a call at 708-769-0927. 

There is no shopping cart! My suggestion is to make a payment for the lesson you plan to work on right now. It will take you straight to the lesson page. Complete that lesson before paying for the next one that you need. Complete one lesson at a time. 

Week 9

Note: PIF=Paid in Full (The password will change in 3 days)

Thank you for understanding...

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