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real estate investors committed to helping the people in our communities

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Whether you are buying one home as your single residence or a complex with multiple units, you are still an investor. Therefore, we want to help you think like an investor. You are investing your money into real estate, either way.

Dear Homebuyers,

I wish I knew what I'm about to tell you a long time ago. I can only cringe at the money that I've virtually handed over to so many others helping them to create wealth with my own hard earned money. Let me share with you a few ways.

Can you answer "yes" to any of the following?

  • We desire a move in ready home
  • We dodge finding anything that requires any work
  • We don't want to do any work
  • We don't want to come out of pocket for updates

Our way


Homebuyers Program

$135K Appraisal

$42K purchase plus $30K = $72K Rehab Loan amount

$14,400 (20% Down) SAVE $13K

$63K in equity within 2 months (also increases over the years)

$325K/month payments

$375 ($4500 taxes with a petition for a reduction within 1 year)

$700 monthly (not including insurance)

$402/month in savings invested over the same 30 years

your way


$135K Appraisal

$135K purchase with a Conventional Loan

$27,000 (20% Down)


$577/month payments

$525 ($6,300 taxes)

$1102 monthly (not including insurance)

$0/month in savings

Your Results:
You will have saved $13K from you down payment. Your monthly deposit of $402.00  for 30 years with an interest rate of 12.00% compounded Monthly
Year Balance

Your Balance Yearly

16 $319,230.89

17 $364,815.72

18 $416,181.86


20 $539,283.85

21 $612,776.91

22 $695,590.73

23 $788,907.41

24 $894,058.98

25 $1,012,546.41

26 $1,146,061.00

27 $1,296,508.59

28 $1,466,036.69

29 $1,657,065.21

30 $1,872,320.92

1 $19,747.09

2 $27,349.88

3 $35,916.90

4 $45,570.43

5 $56,448.26

6 $68,705.68

7 $82,517.65

8 $98,081.32

9 $115,618.85

10 $135,380.58

11 $157,648.60

12 $182,740.75

13 $211,015.22

14 $242,875.59

15 $278,776.67


Spending that same $1102 monthly will gross you $1,872,320.92 +/- in savings, but that's not all. It gets even better. You don't have to take 30 years to do this. If you pay it off sooner you can have more in the end.

How much would you pay for The Homebuyers Educational Program to get yourself closer to a $1.9M savings over the next 30 years? $10K? $5K? $3K? Frankly, I would be willing to pay either one, because wealthy people don't ask "How much does it cost?" The real question is "How much will it make me?" Even the $10K is worth a $1.9M return, wouldn't you say?

Guess what. It's less than all three (3).

Now, the final and most important question is, "Would you rather have the investor you purchase your walk-in ready home from keep that $1.9 Million or would YOU KEEP IT?


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