Online Course Syllabus



Essence Education

12-Week Real Estate Investors Course



Felisha Orchid


Office hours: (2) days a week for an hour each. 

  • Monday's from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday's from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.




If you are ready to change your financial future and become a successful and profitable real estate investor, this program is for you. This 12-Week Intensive Program provides you with a comprehensive in-depth education on the real estate industry landscape, as well as the key real estate investment strategies that all investors should know. The course includes but is not limited to training on the following: Wholesaling, Buy & Flipping, Buy & Holding, and Tax Liens & Deeds Investing. We take you through each of these strategies step by step, providing you with all the knowledge you need to get started. By the end of this course, you will have the tools you need to not only make your real estate investing dreams a reality, but to have longevity in this industry and ultimately obtain financial independence. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the things the course will cover:

Course Includes:

60 total hours of Online Interactive Training

12 written Q&As

6 plus total hours of Video Conferencing/Face-to-Face Group Sessions

Learn at your own pace! You choose the frequency among the options available.


By the end of this course you should be able to make an income by:

  • Purchasing Tax liens, tax deeds & redemption deeds

  • Wholesaling real estate

    • developoing investment strategies

    • Building your buyers list

    • Marketing deals to investors

    • Assigning properties 

  • Buying & Flipping real estate

    • Finding the right properties

    • Getting deal funding

    • Building a team

    • Managing the rehab

    • Get it sold! 

  • Buying & Holding real estate

    • conducting Market research

    • purchasing Single family/Multi-unit

    • developing Property management

    • creating Financing strategies

    • And more!

  • You will also master your credit

  • Creating an entity







Email me urgent questions and concerns to and I will respond. Try to wait for one of the office hours or video conference sessions if possible. When submitting messages, please do the following:

  • Put a subject in the subject box that describes the email content with your name, week etc.
  • Send email only to:
  • Do not send messages asking general information about the class. Please post them in the feedback section of your lessons.


Video Conferencing

We use hangouts to go over course work for an half hour each week. Students get to interact and speak among one another. You may be able to find partners within the group for projects. Of course, essence is not responsible for your success or challenges in any way. You will have to learn to vet your partners as you would any other power team member. Make sure you download hangouts on either your computer or your cell phone.



Twice a week I will be available for virtual office hours – one afternoon and one evening session weekly using hangouts.




Participation is essential to your success in this class. In an online education courses you are required to

participate just as if you were in a face-to-face course. This means that in order to get full credit for

completion, you will have to participate in every lesson and make at least 10 of the 12 video conference meetings. 



Course assignments are not graded. They are reviewed, however. You grade yourself by getting as much out of it as you can. If you breeze through it without much thought, you in actually hurt yourself.



I announce due dates in each lesson. You will get repeat reminders. Just remember, the way that you take this class is the same way that you will work your business. It will show up in both areas.


Lesson  1............... Mindset

Lesson  2............... Additional Sources of Income

Lesson  3............... Goal / Opportunity / Change / Phase I / Ingredients

Lesson  4............... Thinking Big / Leverage / Debt / Credit / Debt:Income

Lesson  5............... Leveraging Time / Debt/Banks vs HML / Buy & Holds / The ARV formula

Lesson  6............... Mastering your credit / 10-80-10 vs 10-10-80

Lesson  7............... Developing your entities

Lesson  8............... Entities continued

Lesson  9............... Interviewing attorneys / Building a power team

Lesson 10............... 

Lesson 11............... Loans / Banks / Prep work / Cycle of Real Estate

Lesson 12...............