We are more than just real estate investors.


Rehabbing properties runs in our blood. Essence Properties, LLC was birthed from a family business that began in the 60's. The work that we do captures the essence, the heart, of our vision.

While we are a family own and operated partnership business today, we also team up with others in the industry, including: Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, Attorneys, Contractors, & Property Managers.

Our vision is to transform people's lives by transforming the communities in which they live. This is not just a business but a ministry for us. Ultimately, within the next couple years we have plans to offer housing for distressed families that need a fresh start. Therefore, we are currently working on developing a ministry designed just for that.

We need your help and we would love for you to send us your info through the Contact page. It takes a community of believers to make the impact that we intend to make.

We've been by trained by the best and we plan to take over the real estate industry!